The top 10 reasons to make Dresden your Destination this summer!

1. Take a walk down the 4 mile Muskingum Recreational trail
2. Go to the Dresden Swim Center and cool off in the pool
3. Take a stroll down Main street to shop all the unique stores
4. Stay in one of Dresden's Historical Bed & Breakfasts 
5. Enjoy a meal or sweet treat from one of the local restaurants
6. Visit and tour The Historical Prospect Place 
7. Check out the Worlds Largest Basket and tour the Homestead 
8. Meet friendly residents in small town U.S.A
9. Dine in or enjoy a round of golf at the Longaberger Golf Club 
10. Meet me, Lydia, the summer intern for the Dresden Community Association!

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John Rochon Jr. Visits the Village of Dresden

As many of you know, The Village of Dresden will be hosting The Longaberger Bee this summer on July 23rd. With great honor, we are also thrilled to announce that Mr. John Rochon Jr. the new CEO and President of Longaberger will be attending.  In fact, Rochon visited the Village last Thursday June 4th, where Steve Wilson and I were astonished to meet him.  I believe that he was very fond of the Village and appreciated its history along with the Longaberger Legacy. In his letter to the Longaberger Company he emphasized the importance of family as he stated,

 “The Longaberger Company is bigger than anyone Person. Its about love, the love of American craftsmanship, the love of friends and family and the love that leads people to stick together even in tough times, to rescue what is worth saving and to build for the next generation.”

Rochon grew up around a family run business his whole life with his father being a previous Mary Kay chairmen and now the CEO of CVSL.

After meeting Rochon, I am certain that he
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